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How much does it cost?

I charge £60 per 50 minute session.  I charge £30 for the initial assessment meeting.


How long and how often are the sessions? 

A session lasts 50 minutes and sessions usually take place weekly.

How many sessions will I need?
How many sessions?

Everyone is different.  You may only need a few sessions or you may want to work long term. Often it is best to commit to 4 sessions initially, after which we will review how the work is going and whether you have got what you need or would like more sessions. Of course you are free to stop at any point, although it is helpful to have a planned final session before ending.


Everything that you say in the sessions is confidential with a few exceptions:

If you were to tell me something that leads me to think you or someone else are at risk of very serious harm.  If I am compelled for legal reasons.

I may discuss our sessions with a supervisor who oversees my counselling work, although I do not disclose any identifying details about the clients I am working with. 


I work at 198 Church Road's counselling rooms in central Hove and at Hove Therapy Rooms. 

I also work online using Zoom. 


I work Monday to Friday.  Some evening appointments are available.

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